Stacking euclidian generators in mono voice - possible?

it does do something but not what I expected , could it be fixed?

Interesting idea, what would you expect to happen vs. what does happen?

I would expect them to be added to each other so if I have 1 generator with the e(2,8) [X,O,O,O,X,O,O,O] and another set to e(2.5) [X,O,O.X,O,X,O,O,X,O etc]

together on the same channel I would expect [X,O,O,X.X.X,O.O.X,O,X,O,X,X,O,X,X,O,X,O,X,O,O,X] etc

instead the first one in the effects order just trigger the other.

Assuming you’re not using all 8 gate outputs on the Hermod then you could mult 2x channels of euclidian gates together. That would do what you’re looking for.