Squarp's Envelope Out



I can’t get my head around the Envelope Out. What’s it for? What does it?

No matter what mode it is in, I only get a High signal. That’s it.

Help me out, please!

How to trigger pyramid with SH 101 (ext . clk in )

The ENV output can be assigned to different things.

You can use it as a modulation output - draw in a waveform and assign it to the ENV output and then connect that to your filter’s frequency input or wherever…

You can use it as a clock output - I assign Din Sync to come out of the ENV output and use it to clock things which need clocking.

Loads of things you can do with it.


Thanks! Can I time the ENV OUT independently from the GATE OUT, so that the ENV OUT only fires at divisions or multiplications of the GATE OUT?


Um… How exactly do I draw a waveform which I assign to ENV OUT?


ENV is assigned is in settings.


Search the page for ENV


Oh yeah, that’s clear. I got the DIN Sync working, too. Still, how to I assign a waveform to ENV? And can the ENV output a waveform independently from GATE and CV timing?


Program that as modulation on a track set to CV/Gate.
However, if the ENV output is already assigned elsewhere you will not be able to do both.


Hi! Is the modulation track you speak of CC1?

I’m in my track set to CV/Gate, I’ve got the ENV output assigned to modulation in my settings.

But I don’t see a modulation lane or option specific to CV/Gate Env out. Just the regular list of CC numbers - so I’m assuming it’s this one? CC#1?

If I programme automation on the modulation track CC#1, that’s going to output CV modulation from the ENV output?

Does this mean I can use LFO-CC FX (set to CC1) to modulate too?

(I don’t have any of my CV enabled stuff with me right now so I can’t check this myself - just getting excited about the possibilities).

Glad this has come up. I dunno why, but I never bothered to explore this til now. Been keeping it strictly midi out of the Pyra.



For example you can assign CV ENV to aftertouch pressure and automate/LFO that.

track+channel then turn encoder counterclockwise until CV out is selected for active track, then with encoder 1 you can select what is assigned to ENV out.
If you select Pressure, you can put LFO on the track and select PRESSURE from the CC list (it’s almost last in the list).
Or draw automation in step CC mode same way, first selecting PRESSURE from the CC list.


Here’s what I got so far.


Thanks all. Grabbed an O-coast off someone this morning and got it working right off the bat.

And yes, you can use LFO-CC FX set to CC#1 to mod the env out.

This is very cool. Pleased this came up. Always something new to play with on this wicked unit.



Yes, this annoys me a bit. I wish you could set a default/snap back value so your CC is fixed at a certain value unless you place a step with a CC automation on it. So you automate a step with a specific value, then when Pyramid moves to the next step - with no step automation - the CC value snaps back to its default and you don’t have to place a second step to do it yourself. Elektron style p-locking.

My workaround is placing ‘default’ locks individually on every step and then automating the ones I want to mod individually. Problem is, you have to scroll back to the step note view to figure out where your note steps are, cos it looks like you have note step on every step…which is a bit annoying. And you have to reprogramme all the ‘non-steps’ if you want to change the ‘default’ value.

It’s that or use per note velocity in step note and map your velocity to another parameter through a mod matrix or CC translator. Which is fine, unless your velocity is doing something else like, I don’t know, modulating velocity or something.

Anyway, this is a little off topic so I will shut up now.



agreed that the “elektron” way of parameter sequencing is more intuitive and fast


Thanks for everyones answers in this thread :clinking_glasses:

Recently got a 3U rack with one module so far (the Roland 510 synth module) experimenting with the Pyramids CV outs and this information has come in handy