Squarp pyramid mk1 for sell

As from title:


I will be recording tracks and processing audio for about a month with it near and then selling it.
I guess for half march I may be ready to pack it.

The Object is in perfect shape .
It will come with the original intact box.

It’s a second hand I bought from a guy in Barcelona who never used .
When I got it was still smelling of plastic. Myself I didn’t use it so much
The S. number is 0824.

Before to let it go and leave the place to someone else I will be happy to shoot some audio video of tracks I made with Pyramid, to can share with you guys.

Thank you for your help

500 EURO

Is the gear still available for sale ?

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Depends where you are.
cus now talking with a guy from portugal. I amy sell it to him if everything from his side is clean.
I would like to give him for first cus he asked before you … but we can stay in contact too.
I am selling it inclusive of expedition.
where you ?