Squarp / KeyStep Pro + BSP


Just ordered my Squarp and it has yet to arrive, but I was curious to know if this idea is even viable…

Basically I’d like to use the Squarp as a master clock and sequencer for a medium sized hardware setup consisting of all 9 Korg Volcas, 6 pocket operators, a Twisted Electrons Therapsid and an AY3. My thought was if I ran the MIDI out A from the Pyramid into the BSP and then the MIDI out B into the KSP and then the MIDI outs from the BSP and KSP run into dual RetroKits RK-006’s I could effectively control the Volca Keys, FM, Therapsid, AY3 and Volca Kick through the KeyStep Pro and then control the Volca Bass, NuBass, Beats, and Drum with the BSP, and still have some midi outs leftover on the RK-006 midi hubs to run the proper sync to all pocket operators? I would then use the CV on the Pyramid to control the Volca Modular and well as use a midi channel on the Pyramid to control and sequence the Volca Sample. Is this a viable option? Would I still be able to loop key lines from the KSP and BSP and use their onboard sequencers as well if I needed to? Thanks for any advice.

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