Squarp hapax midi output trough daisychain

Silly question but can Squarp Hapax read midi outputs from other devices for instance reading midi from out from other devices, or will I need a midi solutions unit like the quadra thru Midi solutions if I intend to connect more than 2 devices?

i think i tried this to send multiple MIDI inputs to Pyramid via the Erica 8-channel Thru box and it didn’t work. but the Quadra MIDI Merge boxes do output multiple MIDI In messages to Pyramid’s single MIDI In

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If you mean you’re daisy chaining via MIDI Thru on synths, then it should work, but bear in mind that there will be a slight lag the longer the daisy chain is, so I would recommend splashing out on the MIDI Thru. I have the same unit you mention and it works perfectly for me.

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Anyone have experience using Conductive Labs’ MRCC for this?

Yes, I’d be curious too if HAPAX works nicely with the MRCC. Anyone?

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