Squarp + 4MS Ensemble Oscillator Heads up

Ok so I spent the past week painstainkingly trying to understand why the 4ms ensemble osc wasnt tracking with the hermod sequencing it. I literally bought a multimeter to calibrate all the CV inputs and outs on all my gear and spent days getting frustrated and it was all for nothing.

Hermod sends -4v to +4v.
4MS Ensemble Oscillator accepts -2v to +6v (LOL)

And there you have it, it was simply a case of RTFM.

So basically I send C3 to the oscillator and tune it to C2 and voila!
At least everything is fine tuned down to 0.001mv and I can now play all my oscillators over 6 octaves with minimal drift from the hermod or my Sub37CV and MPC X.

Good times.

If anyone want to shoot me a question about tuning oscillators or multimeter suggestions, feel free.

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