Spill mode: exists or feature request?

Hi there, is there something like a “spill mode” that would finish overlapping notes instead of cutting them off when switching tracks/patterns? Otherwise that would be a feature request item…

I haven’t noticed any option like that.
It would be a good feature to request at squarp.net/contact

Incidentally, i don’t know if you’re into Event Processor stuff, but there’s a workaround. I honestly didn’t even realise Pyramid advanced the Note Off Event when a Track is Muted because this ‘workaround’ is my main way of Enabling/Disabling Tracks (as opposed to Mute/Unmute, which follows the Note concatenation). If it’s a ‘one off’ type of thing, it should be easy to implement. If it’s how you regularly want to approach Track Muting, that might be a bit more involved. Let me know if you want me to 'splain it.


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