Sonic Potions LXR + Pyramid


Critical faculties affected by alcohol ? you think to yourself. Nah, No, not me. I can handle it.
Following morning you wait in a cold sweat… Fuck! it’s completely incompatible with my entire studio


I just discovered this the other day… it appears the somebody has picked up the torch from Brendan Clarke (or perhaps it is a predecessor?), and continued development on the LXR firmware:

Some cool features!


Hi @TheMentat,

They were both developed around the same time (the last commit for the LXR-OWL date from Jan 28, 2016).

I never tried it but I’m curious to hear your feedback on how stable (or buggy) it is.
On my side, I’m using Brendan Clarke’s firmware specifically to get different MIDI channel per voice and I have no complain so far.


OWL offers the same MIDI functionality from what I can tell. It also offers some FX, and a few other bits. I’ll report back after diving a bit deeper.