Songs composed using HAPAX

Just subscribed to your channel. Holy crap your stuff is so good!

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this was an experiment that turned into idk what, reminds me of frank zappa


I’ve spent quite a lot of time with the Hapax now, but so far I’ve found it much easier to translate previous ideas to it than to come up with new ones. Not sure, if that’s the Hapax’ fault or mine. Probably mine. But I’ve never enjoyed going back to old stuff before so maybe it isn’t even a bad thing. Anyway, here’s something I originally did on Eurorack, back when I had one, rebuilt from scratch, fleshed out, and actually finished.


This is my first full track using Hapax. Still in the learning process, but slowly getting to grips with it. I guess this could be called ambient electro?

Straight from the mixer, quite rough around the edges still.

And despite what is in the video frame, there are other synths involved…including Peak, Hydrasynth, and Digitone. I focused on Euro because that’s where I am tweaking drum patterns on Metron and messing with the envelope on the Blue Marvin.



here is my first track made with Hapax, Vermona Perfoumer mk2 (thru Doctor A, Oto Bam & Boum) and Syntakt for drums duties. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Created this thing for an Elektronauts “Animated” DnB battle (which I won!). My goal was to learn how to use Song Mode as I’ve always been more of a “Jam it out while recording, then cut it into structure in the DAW” kind of guy. There’s roughly 50 patterns spread over 9 or 10 tracks, sequencing Syntakt, Digitakt, Digitone, BS2, Hydrasynth, MM2, and a Nymphes. I learned a lot programming the entire thing on Hapax, most of all that I’ll probably continue to program my drums on the DT/SY (It’s just easier to create variation within the sounds with p-locks, plus the ability to have unique lane lengths), but also that the DN is a lot more fun to program melodically on the Hapax (I was considering selling it before I got the Hapax!).

Anyway, go Voltron


I understand why you won :wink:

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If anyone is interested in behind the scenes insights, I’ve recorded a whole bunch of long format jams where I use the Hapax for everything from deep house grooves to pads, sample chops playback and playing fieldrecordings :heart::fire:


very nice.

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anyway, look forward to hearing more great tracks (with or without video) , hapax, hermod or pyramid :slight_smile:

Just thought to share this here. Hapax controlling Pocket Miku going thru clouds and Nebulae and Typhon Synth in the background.


Well, since this is here… First song with Hapax

Edit: Forgot to mention this took about 40 hours to make, which includes learning the Hapax and new drum kit. Was refreshingly easy and SUPER fun! I had a couple of crashes along the way, so SAVE regularly!
Setup is Hapax, TI2 Keys, Syntakt, MonoStation, and Electro 6D.


I ran into weird (new) issues sequencing this track. Hapax would sent the wrong PC message for the first pattern to Syntakt about half the time or change the pattern midway. No idea why, couldn’t get it fixed. Felt I had to let go of this track, so I left it as is. Main instruments are Syntakt, Digitone, Opsix, TR-8S. A Minilogue XD comes in at the end.