Song Mode Launches Patterns Part-Way Through

Heyo, I may just be misunderstanding how the song mode works… I’ve got the following length-ed sections set up for a song:

128 A
64 B
176 C

The playback lengths set on the song match the length of each section’s longest pattern, but for some reason, when I playback in song mode, section C starts several bars into the pattern, then loops back to the start, playing the first few bars of the pattern LAST. Does anyone know what might be going on here?

I think this has something to do with the pattern sync, but no settings I’ve tried have been able to fix this. Separately, is anyone else annoyed that when adding a section to the song, you have to manually specify the length of the section without any indication of how long the patterns in that section run for? This seems like one part of the machine that could use some clearer UX.

UPDATE: of course I figured out the setting about one minute later: Setting the track trig to re-start instead of free was the issue, and reading the manual makes it clear that this is the expected behavior. Time for me to RTFM again :slight_smile:

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yes you can always set patterns to re-start at the start of every section. but i’ve experienced the behavior you describe and even if all patterns are set to free the longest-playing pattern should still reset to the first beat at the start of a new section when it finishes playing all the way through, i’ve had patterns, however, that (as you say) start playing in a new section somewhere in the middle of the pattern instead. just changing every pattern to re-start doesn’t fix this issue, in my experience, especially when the 7 pattern limit forces the creation of longer, consolidated patterns that you need to run free over multiple sections while shorter patterns continue to loop within a given section. re-start will always force a hard reset of all patterns when a new section starts, which often i do not want/need