Sometimes Rample doesn't start up

I’ve had this issue in 2x cases now where I have to power cycle my case to get Rample to start up (from cold).

Both my cases had plenty of power - especially my Intellijel 104hp 7U which is barely at 60%… wondering if anyone else is having this problem?

I can solve it with an off/on of the case but the fact that it’s happening is concerning me.


Seeing this happen as well. Like KidYoshi said, a case reboot seems to resolve it, but it is concerning

the only time Ive had my Rample lockup was once after a firmware update, but then Squarp fixed the update - and all was good again.

I use my rack everyday, and Ive had the Rample in two different cases - though usually its in my main rack in a Pittsburgh EP360.

that said, I see modular forums full of posts about many modules working better in some cases that others … its seems a common issue, it’s not just lack of power, sometimes it can be related to modules pulling a lot of current during startup. (startup current in-rush iirc)

but I’d say its not normal… I’d contact Squarp - via contact form
detail what happens… e.g. what is the display doing?

one random thought, there were issues with initial firmware which sometimes corrupted samples/kits.
did you ‘restore’ these samples after you updated the firmware?

I reached out to Squarp and—as always—they are on it with a fix.


Following up, my issue was actually with another module, not the Rample. Rample was merely an innocent victim :smiley:


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