Sometimes first step wont trigger

I’m running the latest OS (3.0) and sometimes it happens that a track, when i press start, won’t trigger its first step/note, the note will however trigger as normal when it loops again. This only happens when the sequencer starts so to speak.
At the same time, other tracks, trigger their first steps/notes as normal.
Quite frustrating and atm my only way of workaround is to nudge the note that doesnt trigger to the right.

Anyone else experiencing this or know some way of fixing this?


Are you using a scale fx? Just posted something similar

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I think you’re on to something there, i had to go fire it up and check and indeed i do.

someone bug-fix this asap plz.

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I brought it up to squarp support a while ago, and pointed them towards these posts today…hopefully they can figure it out.


It also happens to me! I don’t know exactly when it happens, I’ll try to find out. It’s no good!

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Related to this?


You’re right…It happens when I have a Sacel FX…have you sent an email to Squarp telling this?

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I have, but the more confirmations, the better!

Happen here as well sometimes …

I hope you are all sending bug reports to Squarp, as that is what they requested.

also have you come up with a cast iron reproducible case? or a project that always does its when loaded and started?
this is what the developers will need…

it can be very hard to fix a bug if the developer cannot reproduce it reliably.

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I have, and will continue to, since mid summer, at this point I don’t want to harass them!
but thanks for the developers perspective
For me, an instance of the scale effect reproduces the issue every time, and deleting that instance solves it (just bypassing it doesn’t do the trick).


I’m pretty sure i’ve been hit by this, with nothing but quantize fx active. it’s been evident on live looped / recorded patterns, where the step shows on first page, but isn’t played on unmute until the pattern is looped. disabling quantize has sometimes solved the issue.

I will send my bug report to Squarp.
Besides that, there are some more bugs but sometimes it’s hard to find when do they happen. I’m worried about all the bugs!

there is at least a second bug regarding step editing. with busyish sequences holding down step(s) editing note parameters, wrong notes get played. haven’t been able to isolate this to a specific case yet.
another bug with zooming IN and adding more frequent steps, they sometimes don’t get played.
a bit offtopic but yea.

i get this sometimes, but its always because of the note length. i just make sure the notes are not tied together and it fixes it. i guess this is because how my midi to cv interface handles the midi data and gate lengths so it might not be the same with standard midi gear.

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Sounds like a different thing than the fx issues

ye, sorry 'bout the ot, just wanted to reply @jahasw about my experience with a similar issue

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No worries, just trying to keep it sorted out👍