Solved: Switching patterns by holding step+track+[1-16] doesn't work

Not sure if this should be a feature request or can be considered a bug: pressing step, track and a number pad at the same time doesn’t switch patterns.

I can switch by pressing and releasing step + track, then pressing the number pad, but this means I need to leave whatever other mode I’m in and go back to it after switching patterns.

Example: I’m in live mode, recording something. I want to record another pattern. To do this, I would need to press step+track, then select the pattern, then press live again to go back. It would be nicer to just press step+track+number and be back.


yeah… it would be much more logical to press step+track (then pad 1-16) indeed (considering we are talking about the pattern mode here, and not step mode) but you have to press only the step button (+pad 1-16) in order to switch patterns
actually I think that has already been reported several times
but this is stayed like that since the previous version of the firmware where the pattern mode was not a real independant mode
I don’t understand exactly why tbh because it brings confusion

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@TheLoudest thank you so much. I finally found the time to try out your suggestion and it does what I want when pressing just step+number. This topic can be closed.