SOLVED - In and out from the Play Project Mode while playing - need tips or tricks

Did someone ever discussed this topic?

we can go out of the play mode while running the sequencer to perform but not in.

Is there any work around?

I have no problem going in and out of play mode while the sequencer is running.


so am I having a bug :frowning: ? … oh gosh …

why dda hell nobody answered me before !? it is months I am asking about this bug to the community and nobody ever replied me!’ Even @squarpadmin dn’t.
thnak you @0v0 … you are the first iin moths to reply me. And this is a sign which make me suspect I may start thinking forward my next moves.

glad i could help, I rarely get to. I’m sorry you’re having this experience, it would be very limiting to have to stop the sequencer to switch around SEQ modes. Have you emailed @squarpadmin? Hopefully you stick with the pyramid!

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I don’t know if to feel ashamed to have not contacted Squarp by mail… but I thought it was a default thing, while I am months asking the same question over and over and being even bullied into facebook about the fact that I ask maybe weird and repetitive questions… but finally got I have a damn bug… while people laughing in my face…
Well no! I didn’t write to squarp… but they always told us to write here and that they will give us answers !
So I am on the limit of my patience now… since I have pyramid more than a year and always suffered this problem !
@squarpadmin got this calling many times but maybe they were too busy thinking about Hermod…

I am out of me now that I discovered I have a bug … damn ! really I am pist as fkkkkkkk

Hey Fabulous,
What seems to be your problem exactly? From what I understand, you are in SEQ and you want to switch between for example perform and play? Is that it?


EXACTLY ! and then go back and forward … in and out … while running… this is for me fundamental in my workflow.
I suffer this “maybe bug” so much…
How can I achieve this task technically? … What I have to do in order to do that ?

can you help me to understand what I am doing wrong… what actually you do to go inside the sequence while running ?
Personally when from Perform I go to Play project, the sequencer simply stops.

and what you do different than that?

Well, it shouldn’t be the case.
When I’m in SEQ mode, and I have a sequence written at the bottom of the screen, I can click on Perform, Play and Loop while the sequencer is playing.
Which version of PyraOS are you using Fab?


going from play project to perform works!
BUT the thing is going back to play project…
::Let’s say I am running sequence number 5 in play project. Next sequence is 6. This sequence is long 16 bars.
Instead of clicking the RECORD BUTTON “O” I prefer to go to perform and keep working on this sequence that way.
So; I scroll all over the screen an click on perform. Perfect! It works ! ( sure , we know ) -
Now is running in the 5th sequence inside the perform mode with no issues at all.
Ok! Now I am tired of this and want the Pyramid going back to the play project mode so I can go to sequence 7h AUTOMATICALLY as a horizontal daw does ( as pyramid does too ) …
BUT when I go from perform to play project scrolling and then clicking on the little square to can keep going in to the play project the sequencer stops.

and I cry

Ok, well this is weird. I can’t reproduce this scenario with PyraOS 3.0. If this happens with a particular project, could you send it to me on contact at squarp dot net? Maybe we should continue this discussion by mail and post the results here if we find a problem?


this happens with all
but tonight I gonna go to my instruments like I do ( only in the evening ) and check if I may have some big issue there.
so for you it works… mmh …
yes… we can do that . first I gonna have to arrive to my toys. tonight gonna answer and send you the files. give me the mail by private message.
but I repeat , it does it with all projects.
thanks you

going back and forth between perform and play (or loop) works fine for me too.

again OS 3.0,
(and ive been using 3.0 during betas too, so a while now, so dont really remember any issue or not with 2.x)

Id upgrade to 3.0, perhaps this will clear out the gremlins.
( when the 3.0 release came out, i also reset my pyramid to defaults, as i tend to with any hardware OS, then set all the preferences back to how i wanted them)

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Hello @thetechnobear

I thank you !

How to reset to default easy and clear?

just by words please…
you both really nice to answer guys!

yes. Charging the new OS thsi seams working like never before…
NOw I gonan have lot of sprint more on my live performances !
Love it !!!

thank you @0v0 and @thetechnobear

… it was necessary …
Now having again some issue dressing the text files within their ccs… but have been passing thour this problem and gonna solve it…

seams going better and better !

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