Solo Unsolo | Mute Unmute

In track mode when soloing a track all other tracks are muted. Pressing an unsoloed track unmutes all active tracks.

Is there a way to unmute individual tracks when in solo mode?

Sorry if there is an obvious answer.

unfortunately thats the way it is… lets hope in 3.0 we get ability to solo multiple tracks.

one workaround, is to use sequences, bit more ‘setup’ but have some nice advantages.
I think this is the workflow squarp imagined for this…
given the way, new sequences ‘inherit’ the current muting, its pretty quick (esp. if you save one sequence for all unmuted, and one for all muted). (just be a bit careful if you are saving mute states or not)

(of course we are limited to 32 sequences, so that may or may not be limiting depending on your setup etc)

Thanks so much for your reply. I started programming Pyramid this week and so far LIVE, STEP, TRACK and patterns have satisfied all of my jamming requirements and then some. I’ll get into SEQUENCE mode soon enough. I’m really blown away by how intuitive and versatile the machine is.

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