Small midi sync out offset when entering save/load menu

hi everyone :slight_smile:

So everything is in the title, I mostly use pyramid in slave mode, so it receives the sync from other gears via midi, but the problem also appears when I use it as the master clock ;

When I enter the save/load menu there is a little gap happening in the midi sync output , not a big deal but, to give you an idea of the lenght of the “gap” it produces : if I enter and exit the menu 4 times, all the gear behind the pyramid are desynchronized by a 16th notes ;

I know that in any case when I save or load a project, the sequencer must be stopped, but I still wanted to know if this is a normal behavior, or if I should investigate somewhere ;

Thanks !

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Best to report these kinds of issues via
The Squarp team is usually very responsive.


thanks I’ll do that !

I am currently in discussion with the development team to see if a nudge function can be implemented, for, among other purposes, undoing the effects of said offset. I’m sure the more interest in such a function is made clear to them, the more energy they may be willing to dedicate to developing and implementing such a feature.

does it happen if you enter the menu fewer than four times? does it only happen if you enter the menu four times in quick succession?

sounds like something I want to avoid

No it happens when entering the menu each time, it’s just that if you do it 4times it’s very out of sync then because it cumulates ;

I spoke with Squarp they told me that it was the SD card access that triggered this gap, and unfortunately they won’t be able to do something about it (unless someone finds a way) ; Squarp message was in french and my translation is not perfect but that’s the main idea ;

I didn’t tried with a proper SD card, I’ll post on this thread when I do ;

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A proper SD card, as opposed to an adapter for a micro SD?

I use the original SD card that is sold with the pyramid ; by proper, I mean a type 4 or 5 SD card, with a much faster speed than this :slight_smile: