Slightly OT: I'm lazy - Script for writing MIDI CC loops

Yeah yeah yeah - I admit: I’m lazy.

Looking for some easy way (because I’d like to have a library of a bunch of them) to make a bunch of MIDI Clips:

  • Set a length for the MIDI Clip
  • Specify a CC or several CC’s
  • Have the script or process ‘write’ the CC values based on criteria: LFO settings, drawing, linear/exponential curves, or even gating.
  • Has an option for thinning the CC data so it doesn’t get too bulky

I don’t like doing this with Ableton because I like to enter numerical values (I’m not a GUI guy for this - I want to define exactly what value is getting written, not have to mess around with a mouse and my hypertension medication to get the correct value)

SONAR is a bit easier, but since that’s not a thing anymore…heh

I figure someone wrote something like that for a programming school project and posted it somewhere, but my Google-fu is turning up zilch. It’s not that bizarre for those of us who like to get into the nuts & bolts, I’d think. Going to hunt around for old DOS stuff - I know in the old days (80s) I had a toolbox of MIDI CC data, although admittedly I’d use mostly CC7 data to stutter pads…cuz it was the freakin 80s. heh

Edit to Add: Actually, I have a copy of SONAR X1 in my rig and I can draw CC data and bounce that to a MIDI Clip, or even a Type 1 file with Patterns for different CC’s or curves. Nice. Plus there’s a CAL script for thinnning controller data. Great start, but leaving this out there just in case someone knows a resource.