Short pattern length

Reading through the manual and can’t see that it’s possible to have a shorter pattern lengths than 16, so no 10 step length etc ? Have I gotten that wrong ?

All you need to do is hold down the encoder while turning it and holding the Y button in order to adjust the steps by 1. Otherwise it will adjust by bars of 16.

You can go as short as 1 step length for a track.

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This is great to know , as far as I remember this wasn’t possible on the original Hermod so good to have those options.

Are there any options with regards playback speed , clock divisions and that ?


Actually the original changed length by increments of one by default without having to hold the encoder down. But I don’t remember if there was a way to increment by full bars on the original.

playback speed is global for all tracks, not individual. However, using a combination of zoom and length of track, you can effectively create clock divisions. For example, zoom in x4, and then the step buttons can be used as though the sequence is playing 4 times faster than other ones. But then you can’t change that “speed” after the fact, if that makes sense.

Thanks again. I did try the manual again but was unsure if Is possible to change track patterns individually so say select Pattern 2 for Track 1 or is that only done via the Sequences ?