Settings not being saved

Hello! I just received my Pyramid the other day so just starting to get to grips with it. I’m finding that when I change Settings (e.g. the AUTOLOAD parameter), nothing I do seems to be saving that change when I power off and back on again.

I’ve tried making a change and then saving a project (I saw a post that seemed to suggest settings were saved with a project) but no luck - the field just returns to OFF each time.

Am I missing something?


Ok, never mind - the answer was staring me in the face :blush:

I have to manually save after making a change - I had somehow not noticed the Save button and was expecting it to auto-save!


I’ve recently experienced a similar issue where the DIN SYNC setting consistantly gets reset to OFF upon power cycle and this appears to occur only after setting AUTLOAD feature, which in my case is LAST LOADED PRJ. Yes, this issue persists even after saving the settings and occurs with the latest PyraOS version and the prior version.

A support ticket was created but it wasn’t reproducible on their end. Had tried reloading FW but that didn’t help. I learned one thing, settings are not saved in the SD card but in the flash of Pyramid directly so the file can’t really be corrupted like it sometimes happens on a card.

Anyone else run into this issue?

Does this happen if you save the project ?!

Iirc save settings is used for new projects, but existing projects have a copy of their own settings.

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HA! Saving project retained that setting. One less startup routine to scratch off the list :).
Thank you Sir for that suggestion.

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