Sequencing the Tr8s from the Pyramid and recording into the Octatrack but I am getting extra beats after the 64 steps

hi guys

I have a four bar loop playing out of the Pyramid out of MIDI A triggering my TR8s playing a single Bass Drum.

I have setup a Sequence in the pyramid so it only plays this for a length of 4 bars.

On the Ocatrack I have setup a one shot trig on step 1 and when I play the sequence from the Pyramid I seem to get an extra kick drum recorded… the OT is getting the sync and correctly identifies the BPM, however I always get this extra kick!!!

It is driving me mad… When I was watching the TR8s without the OT recording , I have the sequencer being started by the pyramid and although I am not using it I can visually see that the last kick is being triggered beyond the sequencer of the TR8s… has anyone else experienced this kind of issue?

found the answer myself !! massive firmware update on the TR8s !!! nothing to do with the pyramid!! love you guys!

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