SEQUENCING banks B,C,D/ Pattern variations

I was wondering if anyone here knows if when in SEQ mode, you can select a B,C,D bank track for sequencing, then back to a A bank sequence and so on so forth? (For instance Track 01A-SEQ1 > Track02C-SEQ2 > Track03A > SEQ3 etc.)

Also if its possible to sequence a pattern variation of a track, say, Track 01A-P2 for SEQ1, Track 02A-P4 for SEQ2 etc.

This is exactly what the seq mode is designed to do!!
every sequence represents a track mute state and it also stores the track pattern that is currently playing.
In order for this to work keep in mind that in track mode the record button has to be turned on.

could you elaborate on the part where you have the rec button on in track mode? thanks

If record is ON any changes you make to the mute states will be saved to the active sequence when you switch to another or save into another sequence.

If record is OFF you are effectively editing the mute states non destructively. Any changes you make won’t be applied when you switch to another sequence. Useful for live performance or fine editing of a sequence once you have a general picture of the mute states and you don’t want to lose that.

Perfectly described!
Also keep in mind that the above applies only for the mute states and not the pattern selection which, regardless of the state of the rec button, is stored in the sequence.
It is inconsistent and i would really prefer it to work like the mute states and thus would be very useful for live performances.

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