Sequencing 2 Hardware Synths edit: SOLVED!

Hi Everyone! This is my first post here, so bare with me. I just got the pyramid, after spending a lot of time with the Hermod. I’m fairly new to midi sequencing, so I’ll skip right to what I’m trying to do.

I have two synths (Prophet 6 and an OB-6) that I want to sequence at the same time, but not the same sequence, i.e. a pad on the Prophet and a bass line on the OB-6. So far I’m able to record a line and only have that played through both, or switch between each one at a time. Can someone walk me through whether this is possible (I’m sure it is), and what I need to do it?

Sorry for what seems like such a rookie question, but I’m obviously too impatient to figure it out myself, ha!


You should set different midi channels on your synths and set these channels on Pyramid as well, for the different tracks.

Use the manuals of your synths how to set the midi channel. In the Pyramid manual you can find it here.

Thanks! I tried this, and for now I can get one of the synths solo’d on a track, but then when I switch to another track where the other synth is on a different channel, it still controls both. So I have the OB-6 on track one Midi out A Channel 1, and on midi channel 1 on the synth. On track 2 I have the Prophet on Midi out B channel 2, and on midi channel 2 on the synth. I can get the OB-6 on its own, but not the Prophet. I’m thinking part of the problem is that I’m using a Arturia Keystep as the Midi in to control everything, but I really don’t know Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

It would be good to see the settings and the process you do. It’s not easy to analyse it without seeing it.

So the MIDI A output cable goes ONLY to the OB-6,
and the MIDI B output cable goes ONLY to the Prophet?
If this is the case you should be able to use MIDI channel 1 on each output (i.e. out A channel 1 is different to out B channel 1)

I’m not sure what you mean by “switch”. The Pyramid plays all enabled tracks at the same time, regardless of which one you’re looking at in Step mode. In Track mode, you can disable a track and enable another one (enabled tracks are bright white, disabled tracks are dim white) - is that what you mean by “switch”?

Ok so I figured it out! The default setting (or at least what was saved as default when I got the Pyramid) has Midi channel A as out/through, so I just changed it to out and this solved the problem.
Just to clarify, what I meant by “switch” was going between which track was enabled, i.e. when track 1 is enabled I’m using the Keystep to control the OB-6, and when I switch to (or select) track 2, I’m using the same Keystep to control the Prophet (and no longer using the OB-6). Maybe I’m still not explaining it correctly, but either way it works now - and I even added my Moog One into the mix.

Thanks for all the help!

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