Sequence PLAY mode offset

I am wondering if one can offset the start of a given sequence in PLAY or LOOP mode? I’d like to have a sequence start in the middle of the tracks/patterns contained in the sequence. I’m familiar with PLAY mode and setting the sequence order and length. I am also familiar with the TRACK run modes.

Let’s say I have a sequence that is 8 bars long, but I want to only have the last half of the sequence play when it comes up in the PLAY/LOOP order defined on the SEQ page. I can set the sequence to be only 4 bars long, but I can’t define that the sequence starts at on bar 5.

I dont know if there’s a way to implement specifically what you’re asking, but i think there’s a way you can emulate the effect.

Track 01 contains the data you want to play, but it should not voice right from “1” until it loops.

Track 02 contains control data, such as CC07 or CC11 data, or if your synth responds to a mute function via CC, or if you do loopbacks then a CC to suspend output from a Track. Set this Track Mode to Trigger.

Then when you want to start Track01, but have it come in later, activate both Tracks.

Im not sure what order Pyramid sends out Track data in the serial data stream. In other sequencers Ive used it goes sequential track by track (for all data happening on the same MIDI tick) increasing by track #. Id swear i ran a test awhile back and the Pyramid went backwards, but i was actually testing something else and just noted that suspicion to be tested later in case i needed to use/abuse that bit of info.

CreepyPants, yeah, the TRACK run modes can help acheive the result desired in some instances, but having the ability to offset the start of a sequence could allow you to create a few variations of a measure and then sequence different sections of those variations. I’ve gotten close with TRACK run modes.

It also doesn’t take very long to simply copy the sequence, make the changes to all the tracks and patterns, make the appropriate TRACK run mode changes, and then sequence the new sequences. Though, if I could simply offset the start of the sequence, I’d be able to do this much faster. I’ll send in a feature request.