Seq Modes understanding

The manual says: “If an active track in the sequence is set to TRIG, it will play once without looping. If the track is active in the next sequence, it will continue to play just as in FREE run mode.”

I have one track T1 with a pattern T1P1 and one Track T2 with one Pattern T2P1.
T1P1 has a length of 6 bars, T2P1 a length of 4 bars.
T1 is set to free run, T2 is set to TRIG (once).
I have 6 sequences, each a length of 1 bar.
T1 is unmuted on every sequence, T2 is unmuted on SEQ 1 to SEQ 4 and muted on SEQ 5 and SEQ 6.
Seq mode is on loop.

According to the examples in the manual I assumed, that now T1 is started and will be played continuesly, which it does. It repeats after 6 bars, when the song loop starts again.

I also assumed that T2 will start at the beginning (while unmuted) and continue to play through SEQ1 to SEQ 4, then be muted on SEQ 5 and SEQ 6 and then restart with SEQ 1 from start again (unmuted).

BUT the track continues to be played even on the muted SEQ 5 and SEQ 6 (though still muted) and continues to play in a 4 bar loop. This leads to the effect, that it does NOT start on bar 1 when the loop starts with SEQ1, but instead plays bar 3 as next bar on SEQ 1.

This means that T1 plays 6 bars and loops.
T2 plays through the 6 bars (SEQ 1 - SEQ 6): 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 1 (muted) - 2 (muted) and then continues with 3 - 4 - 1 - 2 - 3 (muted) - 4 (muted) and so on.

I tried all combinations of FREE RUN, RELATCH and TRIG, but in all other cases in restarts T2 on EVERY sequence SEQ 1 to SEQ 6.

My idea behind this is, that I will construct my song like in a DAW with sequences, everyone of a 1 bar length and use the tracks/patterns with different bar lenths to be fire (unmuted) on the bars I define. In my opinion this is closest to a typical song construction.

What am I missing here?

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that sound like a bug…

basically, you are saying a TRIG run mode track, is not restarting, when it goes from mute to unmute.

can you try without loop mode…
so try with 12 bars, so. ****--****--
see if it correctly restarts on bar 7

this will allow you to know if its LOOP mode that is just not resetting as its loops around
or … if TRIG is not resetting on the transition from mute to unmute (as it should do)

then you can send this to squarp via the contact form

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I wrote you through your contact form.

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not me, Im just a mod here … no association with Squarp :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: oops, sorry…
Anyways, it seems that there is a bug or a complete missunderstanding from my side.
The problem is, that in the scenario described, the TRIG does ALWAYS restart in a new sequence, when the sequence is UNMUTED, but it DOES free run, when it is MUTED. Strange.

I had time to go check on my pyramid.

yeah, there is a bug…
but as you say, its not quite as you put in your OP.

what Im seeing is

FREE - it continues continuously to loop over muted/unmuted sequences

RELATCH - same as FREE, expect it restarts on sequence change.

TRIG - this restarts on sequence change () and only plays once. (if sequence length > track len)
) except as you say MUTE, but that not important since you cannot hear it ;)_

I do agree TRIG is a bug, as its behaving like RELATCH

where as the manual clearly , states it should act like FREE

I can see the use of current usage, but it feels like we should have an additional mode

one off / run across sequences → as manual describes
one off / relatch on sequence → as pyramid currently behaves

I do think the TRIG mode as the manual describes is perhaps the more useful of the two?!

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Yes, I also think that TRIG mode is more useful as described in the manual and probably also is intended to work like that. I mean, duh! :slight_smile: Having said that, the current behaviour is a bug.

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