SEQ changes loses sync

I’ve got an issue where when I change Sequences, the timing gets thrown off. I’ve contacted Squarp support with source files and screenshots but they say they can’t recreate the problem. I’ve tried this on 2x Hermods and both do the same thing.

I’m wondering if you can help me and recreate this to see if it’s a bug or something in my system (I’m pretty sure it’s a bug in Hermod OS).


  1. Create a new default project
  2. Set Hermod’s Clock to Internal & leave default BPM 120
  3. On Track 1 place a note on Beat 1/3/5/7
  4. Go to Sequencer
  5. Copy and paste Sequence 1 into Sequence 2
  6. Chain Sequence 1 & 2 (Hold X > Press 1 > Press 2)
  7. Wire up the rest of your system to play a note / sound.
  8. Go into a blank DAW and set to 120bpm (so you have a visual grid)
  9. Do not sync the DAW to Hermod (or Hermod to DAW) we’ll just track the audio
  10. Record

What I’m experiencing is each time the sequence changes Hermod gets slightly out of sync, this gets worse over time. You can make this more obvious by lowering Hermod’s Sequence Loop down to “1 (Beat)” (Hold X and turn the encoder CCW).

Do you get the same results as I do (screenshots below - the first is as per instructions, the second is when I lower loop down to “1 (Beat)” - so the sync loss happens every note and is therefore more obvious/happens quicker.

Thanks for taking part!

Kid Yo