Sending gated pattern to external synth

Is it possible to send a gated rhythmic pattern from Pyramid to my microKorg, just the gate pattern, not the notes? I have a specific rhythmic pattern that I want to perform but it’s irregular, it’s not just every 16th note. It’s like the 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9th 16th notes. Basically I want to be able to hold down the notes I want to hear and have Pyramid tell microKorg when to let the note through, in a defined rhythmic pattern that repeats every bar.

Do you need the note to retrigger in the synth? I mean, if you play a pad sound and use the Pyramid to send a pattern on CC07 in the rhythm you want.

Or i guess you can pgm that same CC07 pattern and still use the arpeggiator. Just turn on or off the volume.

Probably 2 or 3 ways could use an event processor, b ut those are just off the top of my head.

Hrmm…actually i havent done this yet and i can think of a reason to do it. Thanks. I do the volume thing with pad sounds, but cant believe i never thought of doing it on an arp. Brilliant! Thank you

I might have misunderstood what you wanted to do tho. (Probably) sorry.

From memory, you can make a master transpose track with your chords or notes in it and another euclidean track with your rhythm then slave the Euclid track to the master transpose. The euclid track will sound whatever notes are in the master transpose track whenever there’s a step to play.

You might be able to do it with a regular track (not a euclidean one) but I can’t test that this morning…


Ooh, i like that.

I thought of another one that doesnt require sending data to the synth, but then just muting the synth (my first attempt at a solution).

In this scenario, it requires loopback again. Set a Chance:0% on the track, then create a control track that sends a CC to turn on/off the Chance Effect. This will mute the data from being sent to the synth.

I havent played with Note to CC yet, but i imagine that a Euclidean Track as you described but use it as the control track for the Chance effect , with the Note to CC effect. (When the Note is playing on the Control Track, the Arp plays)

For the record, this works perfectly, thanks! However I am also really interested in your second idea about the Chance:0% because it would be much easier to create the pattern I want by drawing a note where I want to hear the arp, rather than drawing all the CC automation which is more tedious. The part I get lost is here, how do you do this: “then create a control track that sends a CC to turn on/off the Chance Effect.”

Just responding now, will do a step by step if you need (tho it doesnt seem like you need that).

You put a Chance Effect in a track, set the Chance % to 0. Then Assign a CC to Chance:Enable.

Sending in that CC allows you to Mute the Track (CC value >0) or Play the Track (CC value 0, for Chance (0%) Effect Off)

Make the loopback by MIDI Out > MIDI In comnection, or loop it back in your router.

I see now. Curious though, in your view what would make this method superior to just using CC07?

CC07 is still sending note data and now CC data, sometimes a lot of it.

If the OS of the synth isnt strong enough, it may barf up on some of the data and play notes you didnt expect or want, or not play notes, or just freak the heck out (which has happened to me). I’ve never run into it lately, but in the old days i have been able to overload some synths or MIDI capable effects processors.

Somewhere in my head it makes more sense to stop the data stream at the source.

Plus i have a system for Grouping and Layering Patterns/Sequences with an outboard controller that already uses that Chance Effect technique. (Because:reasons. Many freakin personal workflow reasons)

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