Sending Bank Change and Program Change


Now we are getting somewhere! I read this before but the way I had my sequence set up that answer didn’t make sense, but that was because of the count of the sequence. I set something up a little more “normal” and it’s behaving exactly like you describe- program changes happen after the duration of the pattern length in spite of it being set up to change instantly from the hardware controls.

This gives me ideas on how to proceed, I will report back if I come up with anything relevant.

Thanks again for the help.:+1:


You are very welcome!
I’m excited to hear what you’ll do with the Elektron device and the Pyramid. I’m not familiar with the new Samples module, which I kind of overlook as an “OT Light” (sorry).

Please be sure to post your music and/or video when you get things going - I’d love to heart/see what you’re doing!

BTW - You should have heard me cursing about the OT and the PLEN stuff. I think I made some rather hostile posts on Elektronauts. giggle



As a former owner of the SFX-6 MonoMachine, Octatrack, and Analog Keys, I can safely tell you that the Model: Samples is very “light” compared to those boxes, in the exact way I needed it to be. I love how simple and immediate everything is compared to the older offerings.

You can catch me live on twitch (link below) I do live improv and gear learning streams all the time. I was doing Pyramid learning streams but they alway digress into jams without learning enough lol, so i have been keeping quiet for a minute while I learn. I was considering going live today in a bit here maybe.

I am putting the finishing touches on a live rig for gigging which the Pyramid is now the center of…

Just waiting for new rails for the custom Euro case I am building and adding an Audiothingies Micromonsta and I’ll be mobile.

Slaughtrhaus web gak:Twitch:YouTube:Soundcloud:Modulargrid:


If I knew all that I wouldn’t have bogged down my responses with all the stuff you already know! LOL

But I try to answer each question with the option of never having to go back to the thread again. heh heh

Very nice!
Thanks for sharing and I’ll check out your streams!

Oh, nice.
You’re in PDX.

I used to play there in the 90s or so at the Aural Fixation experimental shows running Cakewalk 4.0 for DOS on two laptops and some rackmount gear. LOL I miss PDX. Say ‘hi’ to that awesome NorthWest eclectic cuisine for me!