Selecting a whole page in step-mode?

i’m trying to select all notes of the current page … say i have a 64 step sequence and my zoom setting is so that i see 16 steps in the matrix - in one page.
Now i want to select all of those notes i see. Not the ones outside of this page (so i can’t use all).
Selecting all 16 columns is not possible with one hand. So i have no hand left to operate anything on the Hapax except my nose or so…

Is there any trick i’m missing?

yes you can hold the 2nd button , press the step button upper left and then lower right … voila. everything stay selected as long as you hold the 2nd button

thank you, but it doesn’t even need the 2nd button… just hold the first step you press

I had to


What a strange conversation. Why? :roll_eyes: :laughing:

because i literally answered the question myself after i had written the question here. I thought the solution might be interesting to others as well.

Your rolling eyes seem a bit unkind here.


Sorry about that. Thanks for sharing. :blush:

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