Seeking Octatrack Sampler / Pyramid help

Good morning,

I’m no OctaExpert, but I’m determined to do what has been referenced in a few threads here: sample slice in the Octatrack and choreograph samples in the Pyramid.

Thus far, I have slice a sample on Flex track 6 (I also have a sample on 5 I hope to do the same with), setup midi map to slices and been able to play them as slices on my keystep (if addressed directly to the Octatrack midi channel). What I cannot do is to effectively select slices on the Step sequencer of the Pyramid or to play samples from keystep via the Pyramid. When i set note triggers in Pyramid for -6,-1, 6 for example, I get a stuttering and unending repeat of slice 8 (of 16). It’s puzzling. Any ideas?


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