See long notes in the grid in next bar

  • create two bars
  • create a long note in bar one that extends into the second bar. No zoom in/out
    Result: can not see the note that extends into the grid of second bar. I can see it on the screen, though
    Solution: would be nice to also see the “tail” in the grid of second bar so what you see on the screen and grid corresponds to eachother

Am I missing something?


I’m new to hapax/deluge style grid piano roll but I found this happening…
you would think it should show the end of the notes, maybe bug?

I was playing some basic 1 bar chords in 4 bar pattern,
if I played bar 2 early it didn’t exist on page 2 only could see on page 1…
I think when zoomed out it was ok though

I don’t think you’re missing something. So far as I know, this is just the way it works. But I would also like to see the “tail” from previously held notes, so maybe make a feature request?


I have. :slight_smile:


Yes, if I zoom out it looks ok, but I also want to edit without zoom out/in or when I have zoomed in. It´s a little strange to see the note on the screen, but not in the grid.


I would class it as a bug though, maybe it has been written in that way that display only from notes that start in the grid page or a possible optimisation. But the display and tails in autosm for instance work over several pages. Add a PB for instance press a step or a couple and you see it highlights where the PB step change is and the rest of the tail, including the next page show a tail. Granted it is needed to show a constant value and the curve, but so it is in the case for notes.
It needs to be consistent in that if your going to show trails then show them consistently.


Feature request to see parts of the notes that are not showing ?

Yes, indeed.

Made a request/bug report.