SD card seating problem

I’m having some trouble with my sd card I can add samples but it takes several goes to seat the card properly and it seems to stick out of the holder more than I expected. Rample usually shows a blank screen when I reinsert the card and switch on and sometimes rows of dots before finally working after switching off and on again a few times reinserting the card each time. Is this abnormal or do other have this. Is the card holder meant to be push to eject and mines not working as I have to pull it out to remove.

Hi @leophoreo,

Is the card holder meant to be push to eject

No, the sd card slot is not spring loaded, it is not a “push-push” system. So that’s perfectly normal.

In terms of orientation, the SD card should be inserted with the SD silkscreen facing away from the screen. If Rample has an issue loading your sd card, the screen will show an error, in the form of an arrow pointing at the sd-card.

I don’t think I fully understand your issue. Was there anything else bothering you besides the seating of the SD card ?

It takes 5 or more goes at rebooting each time I take the card out to add samples. I don’t get any screen at all when I switch back on after reinserting the card for the majority of attempts and I certainly don’t get an arrow. I don’t get this behaviour once the card is in and working I can turn the system on and off without problems until I remove the card to add samples.

It looks like its not a card issue is now not restarting when switch on after it had originally worked. I get either a blank screen on some dots on the screen when it does not work if I leave it switched off and try again several times it will go on eventually

I’ve moved the rample to a different case and it works perfectly well so far. Looks like a power supply problem so unless the problem resurfaces case closed. Thanks for your reply above.