Scaler Effect - why does it change something at chromatic scale?

what’s the logical explanation why the scaler effect changes notes if it’s set to chromatic?
see attached image … thats my sequence . The red note is the only differing note to my original sequence (the red notes are after the scaler effect, so it shifted it down from G#2 to G2

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Id not expect it to do anything, unless perhaps there was pitchbend… in which case perhaps it should snap/remove that. (which Im guessing is not the case here)

best bet is to try to create a test case and send to Squarp as a bug report via contact form.

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i will do that … i’m assuming it has to do with project-scale wich is set to major by default , but turned off

I think you’d have to test various options to see what its related to…
ScalerFX should only use project scale if set to pScale.

but of course, thats the nature of bugs… they do what they arent suppose to :wink:

however, Id say does bring up an interesting point …
what should ScalerFX = chromatic do?

also does scaler FX remove pitchbend info… I can see why logically it should, but then again in an MPE context Im not 100% should id want it to.
but perhaps with MPE its rather different anyway … e.g. id kind of want it to snap start and end points, but not touch the slide between … but that would have to be very specially coded!

well as chromatic isn’t really available as option … i just leave it on it’s default , wich states chromatic in the lower right corner… in the upper left it says pscale…

before you ask why one puts the scaler effect if he wants no scaling. we have no transpose effect, and no i don’t want to use the transpose function in that case

Squarp confirmed this is a bug…