Saving not working at all(help reformatting)

Hey there, saw a thread about reformatting the card to fix the saving problems. Just updated my Rample and none of the saving features work, in fact, they either revert the kit or randomly change it to another kit when I save. Is there someone from Squarp that can provide me with these details and the factory samples. Thanks my apologies ahead of time couldn’t find the original thread. Thanks! Rample is sick otherwise!

Best way to contact Squarp is via their contact page at

Your situation definitely sounds out of the ordinary to me. Did you successfully reformat the SD card? That would be my first step if I were running into similar issues as you describe.

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:pray: backed up my card and going to try reformatting.

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Some users have reportedly had that issue, and making a backup, remormatting using the SD Memory Card Formatter from the SD Association, then putting the files back has had a 100% success rate so far.

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Unfortunately this did not work, but currently working with support and will let you all know when I get it sorted.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve formatted using the SD Memory Card Formatter, but to no avail. No kits will save settings. Did you figure it out?

Edit - jesus christ. I’ve been trying to save kits using the “save settings” function, when I should’ve been using the “Store” function. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone. So, it turns out there is a bug where when you assign parameters to “all” it doesn’t save. I had only been assigning to all so that’s why I thought it didn’t work at all. Everything else saves fine otherwise. They are working on the bug.


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