Saving assigned MIDI note per kit

Hi there,

Just downloaded OS 1.40 and loving it! The polyphonic mode is great.

I understood that, as detailed in the manual, I needed to remap the assigned MIDI note so that all four samples shared the assignment - I went with ‘48 - 60 - 72’ as suggested. However, when I went to play another kit that contained drums and that was mapped monophonically, the polyphonic routing was still active, and I had to change it back manually to get the kit to work properly.

Is it possible to save the assigned MIDI note per kit, rather than globally? I’ve tried ‘STORE’ and that hasn’t worked. I have changed ‘ASSIGN’ to be per kit, and that hasn’t worked either.

i am experiencing something similar: when i try to save assignments for my cv inputs, they get lost after i switch to a different sample kit. I noticed that changing the midi note assignment for a SP, changes that assignment for all the kits, even if the assign setting is set to KIT. tomorrow, i will check more accurately, today I have no time to dig deep into the issue.

My bad. I forgot the STORE function. CV assignments are working fine. Sorry.

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