Save mutes setting default

Is it possible to have the “Save mutes” setting on the track select set to off by default when I power on the Pyramid?


If tracks are muted before saving then they’ll load in the same mode as saved.

Yes, but I’m not talking about the mute state of each track, I’m taking about the actual “save mutes”-setting.

Yea, sorry, my bad… didn’t know that “save mutes” was a totally different thing. As the saying goes, learn something new every day…

I look into it and couldn’t find a solution.
Nothing in the settings and this not saved in the project either.

I’ll tend to think that this is not possible but I’ll be happy to be proved wrong my another member.

Do you mean saving mute states / active tracks into sequences? And/or non-destructive editing of mute states in saved sequences?

This can be toggled with a push of the REC button in Track mode.


I think it’s more about having to press the [Rec] button everytime the Pyramid is powered on.

I’m particularly annoyed that it defaults to ‘on’ because damnit if I want the dang Mute states saved I’ll save the dang Mute states. I’m not reaching for the Xanax or anything, it’s just one more thing to remember during power up.

If it’s something else: apologies.
But that’s why I [Liked] the OP. :mask:

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CreepyPants got it right :+1:

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