Sample Start CV

Hi All,
just received my Rample #77

TLDR Voltage blocks will only address some of the quantised start points via CV

When connected to Voltage Blocks (0-5v output) I set CV to control Start Point
The knob works as an offset.
I can’t address via Voltage Blocks the full range of 16 start points (quantize on)
Knob centred 4 to the left 4 to the right, not all 8 to the left, 8 to the right

Is there a way to address the whole sample via Voltage blocks?

Thanks in advance


Hi @corradomorgana,

This sounds like a bug. I filed a bug report in your name, we’ll try and get to it as soon as possible.



On further testing…seems to be the same with all CV settings.
Voltage blocks will only address some of the range left or right of the knob setting.
So with pitch set to CV it will only change pitch an amount (not full amount) around the knob. Offset.
Tested with both CV in settings

Thanks again

Hi @corradomorgana
Thanks for your feedback, it will be fixed in the next OS version, soon to come!


I look forward to it!