Same note will not play more than once from a controller

I got my hermod today. When I plug In a controller and hit a note say C if the next note I play is the same C hermod detects the note, I see the light flash but no sound is triggered. Hermod will only trigger a sound when I play a different note eg E.

I have tried 2 controllers beatstep pro and a OP-1.

Is this a known bug I searched but couldn’t find anything.


Are you talking about recordings? It is normal behaviour for Hermod to not send a new gate if it is the same note. It can be toggled somewhere in the settings,

See online manual:

If enable, the track will trigger the gate output each time a new note is overlapping an other note, in order to break the glide/legato. In other words, when a new note is sent to the CV output, the GATE output will always be triggered.