Rompler/ Pyramid Volume spike

Hi wonderful Pyramid Community :slightly_smiling_face:
I got a Rompler/ Pyramid question.

I have been working with the

Squarp Pyramid
Alesid D4 drum module
Roland Sound Expansion M-GS64
Keith Mcmillen Kmix.

I have been flexing the step and pattern mode- luvin it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I start a pattern with the Alesis D4 the volume starts really hi?!
Then a couple seconds later it goes back down to correct setting.

If I start a pattern and let it go down to the correct volume and then press stop and play again within a couple seconds it maintains that volume but if I wait longer when I press play it jumps to a higher volume?!

Any one else have this experience with old romplers and pyramid?

This volume fluctuation doesnt happen with my other rompler (the roland mg64) so I have a feeling the problem is the d4 which probably needs the storage battery replaced but maybe theres a pyramid rompler work around or some function I dont know about?!


the pyramid is just sending midi, that you program/record…

you could use the setting->info->midi out, and see what midi is being sent to lower the volume
if its even coming from the pyramid… but perhaps record some automation into the pattern that is doing this - you could also look for this in the automation lanes.

… though Id expect this to repeat.

also perhaps look on the D4 and see what controls it has via midi to control volume (etc) and then automate those within the pyramid

apart from that , pyramid does not know anything specifically about volume, or romplers (which are all different anyway) … its all just midi, so thats the place to look for control/workaround :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this. I ended up just turning the volume down with midi in step mode on the steps where rompler kicks in.

I keep looking at other drum setups but the 4 outs of the D4 are hard to beat. eventually i will save up for a black box:)

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