Roli Songmaker Kit

I’m about to get a Roli Songmaker kit (Loop block, Lightpad M and Seaboard Block) delivered, and I was wondering if anyone else has had much fun with these and a Pyramid?

Provided it all works like I think it should, I’ll be able to use the Songmaker kit as a “standard” midi controller for the Pyramid, provided CCs and Midi channels are set up properly in both the Pyramid (Pyramidi) and the Seaboard.

One thing that has me excited is the prospect of the Seaboard’s programability - you can write your own code in their “littlefoot” language to fully control and modify the functions of all buttons and touch sensors on the Lightpad, Loopblock and Seaboard Block.

So my plan is, providing I can figure out how to do this, will be to re-program the Loop block to have buttons for Stop, Play and Record, a button to select Tracks, a button to select program changes, and three buttons left over (leaving the +/- buttons as data modifiers) for other functions.

The Lightpad will be set up to work in different modes - a track/CC selection (grid of 16 squares, with 8 squares down the side and along the bottom as “pages” to give us a full 128 selections for CCs), and possibly a drum pad mode for finger drumming.

I’ll try to keep this thread updated with any progress. I hope the Seaboard in this way will be a very expressive midi controller/tool, and should integrate very well into my setup, and should give a lot of control over the Pyramid using a combination of Pyramidi and direct to track midi control.

I for one have bookmarked this thread and wish you great success, sounds like an excellent setup if you can make it work.

Hi Qsuidgy,
Did you go further with this setup.
I presently have a roli block and it is really a astonishing controller to have very good expression I use the NOISE app on my Ipad but I’m wondering if it could link it to my pyramid and how ?
any advise ?
many htnaks
Philippe ALOA