RK002 with Pyramid/Hapax

Simple question here for once.
I’m getting a Volca FM2 soon and saw a video where the Retrokits used the RK002 cable to enable a sustain pedal (I guess via a CC message?)
I don’t understand actually how it works, but clearly he’s just going straight into the FM2.
If I got one of these cables and had it coming out of my midi thru box to the FM2, would a sustain pedal plugged into my Keystep,my master keyboard going into my Pyramid (and soon Hapax), do the trick?
Or will something get filtered out when I go through the Pyramid?

There is no Cc for sustain on the Volca FM2 according to its midi implementation (https://cdn.korg.com/us/support/download/files/38bf877e063858210403554ec502efac.pdf?response-content-disposition=inline%3Bfilename*%3DUTF-8''volca-fm2_MIDI_Chart_E.pdf&response-content-type=application%2Fpdf%3B).

There is someone that create a webapp, https://www.reddit.com/r/volcas/comments/w21kck/volca_fm2_sustain_pedal_support_a_solution/ , “It works by recording and blocking note off MIDI messages when the pedal is pressed and releases each note once you release the pedal”.

I guess this is something that can be programmed on the RK-002, that detected incoming Cc 64 (sustain) and when it doesn’t filter-out note off.

Looking at the Retrokit DUY Exchange, there is a NoteOn-NoteOff firmware that seems to do just that. It might worth a try https://duy.retrokits.com/

Thanks! I’ll check it out. In the retrokits vid, he was just like, “I plug in the cable, and now the Volca FM2 has sustain”… I figured it’d be a little more complicated than that. But I guess my question would still be would the Pyramid or Hapax interfere in any way, or would it allow the special cable to do its thing?

If you plug the RK-002 between the Pyramid and the Volca FM2, the Pyramid shouldn’t interfere.

Looking at the NoteOn-NoteOff code of the firmware, it simply works with Sustain Cc message (64) and Notes.

If the Pyramid simply relays Notes and sustain Cc from your Keystep to the cable, the cable will do all the magic.

Note that this works on all channel, so you might want to put the Volca on its own midi port.
Also, there is a buffer, a maximum of 255 notes can be sustain (that should be enough for most scenarios :slight_smile: )

I use an RK002 that comes from my master keyboard into Hapax, and I use it for some filtering and changing of MIDI messages to different channels. But anything that isn’t being picked up (which is basically only stuff from MIDI channel 15, all else is ignored) just passes through without any issues.

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