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I sold my Pyramid a few years ago but miss using it and im thinking about getting another, i was wondering if a few things were now ( or always were) possible:

Is it possible to enable/ disable effect settings per step? So have the arp change rate on step 4 and change back on step 6 ?

Is it possible for the tracks to run at different speeds? I was never sure if changing the time signature achieved that or not?


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Yes and no (assuming BPM is what you mean by “speed”)

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Thanks for that. Yeah BPM or clock divisions etc. I wonder of they’ll ever implement that one i know a few including myself have requested.

  1. You can automate FX parameters the same way you automate CC messages

  2. In polyrhythmic mode, a 4:8 track will run twice as fast as a 4/4 track. Which is not so fun, but a 3:4 track will have it’s quarter notes last for 2/3 seconds instead of 1/2 second at 120bpm


you can always set tempo to twice the bpm and then program your slower tracks ‘twice as long’ so to speak.

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