Remove midi channel from definition file ? ( future update ?)

Hi All,
here is a problem I found on my Pyramid : definition file only work if your instrument is on same channel as specified in the DEF file.
I think this was designed as a time saver ( it automatically assign your instrument to the right channel)
BUT in reality ypou need multiple DEF File for all instruments with multiple channels, which grow fast to the 16 DEF file limit
( for ex my Digitakt works best with 8 channels / Def files
also you have to edit the DEF file accordingly to your channel set up. which is Ok if you don’t change it to often

I wonder if there is the way to not specify channel in Def file, of it the channel line could be removed in a future update, so we could use 1 DEF par instrument, not per channel

thanks Squarp team for the great product !!

This was discussed quite a bit during the v3.0 beta, unfortunately the beta category discussions have been deleted/closed so they’re not even viewable anymore. Anyway, to summarize: some of us pushed quite hard (too hard perhaps) to get the output and channel removed from the definitions, but Squarp basically said the whole definition system is internally keyed off the instrument output-channel pair and it’s not possible to remove it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Note that for multi-timbral instruments you can set ‘0’ as the channel number to have all non-defined channels on that output to automatically map to that instrument. This helps a lot as long as you can keep multi-timbral synths on their own output chains.


Thanks a lot ! you gave me the answer !
Didn’t think about that solution by myself and didn’t found that in the Forum !
will try it tonight

It’s in the manual :slightly_smiling_face:
See end of “how to create a CC definition file” section:

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