Remove a Called Definition

If I Call a Definition File for a Track, but then decide I want to change the destination for the MIDI data, I could Call a different Definition File.

But not all of my synths have Definition Files because they don’t need them, or they are not warranted.

I’m not finding a way to just delete the Called Definition File information from the Track. Am I missing it?

Just thought I’d check before submitting a Feature Request.
Guess I could create a “dummy” Def File? That’s my best workaround, I think.
Deleting the Track doesn’t seem to wipe the Def File (I can’t really do that as my Templates have an “annoying to rebuild” CC control system)

Just change the channel and the name of the track?
Thats how I do it, don’t know if there’s an easier way

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That still holds the CC and Note info from the Def File.

Except: No.
I mistook the Def File (changing the Channel switched to a different Def File which I thought was the original). (It was looking to me like it released the Note Definitions but not the CC definitions - but I was wrong…again)

Yeah: another duh@me. Thanks!

Hah, didn’t think about CC’s myself. I’m controlling mostly synths without CC so I would not have noticed quickly if the issue is there.

Anyhow, glad it works for you!

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I’d swear I tried that, but I was in the middle of coding an extremely difficult (for me) bit of logic to control an Octatrack and trying to remember which CC’s I’m hijacking to do ‘other stuff’ and which CC’s passed through, and which ones set a limit for how others modulated third things…well…general creepystyle insanity. LOL

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