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I sold my Pyramid a while back. Then returned to the Pyramid when I got tired of the quantisation limitations of my Digitone! After coming back, to me the primary annoyance is the lack of a Reload Project option. Because, as before, all of my Projects seem to be listed in a hard to fathom, random order!? So if I make an error whilst writing a track, to reload the project I have to scroll through a long list, often scrolling past the project initially. A simple Reload Project could surely fix this. I wonder if I should email this request? Or is the forum monitored? :thinking:

Hey, check the settings.

After startup, Pyramid can load an empty project, load the last saved project or load the last loaded project.

Hope this helps :wink:

I don’t think they’re asking about loading projects on startup, but rather being able to quickly revert to the last saved state of the current project, presumably because they made too many bad edits that make the undo function useless.

But maybe they can take advantage of your info and set it to “last loaded project” and then just reboot the Pyramid to revert? :thinking:


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Yes, I already use Load Last Project. I even pushed for it back in the day! :slightly_smiling_face: No, this is solely about a fast way to reload a project without turning off the machine! Without having to scroll through the project list. I miss the Project Management aspects of my Digitone, if not the sequencing limitations. Coming back to the Pyramid it feels slightly clunky in some aspects, although I love it much.

One great thing with the Elektron box is that you can save a state of all controllers. Then change the elements of the track, and a at a push of a button, return to the last saved state. Something I dream of with the Pyramid! Perhaps over-optimistically, as I imagine there’s a (RAM (?) reason why the Pyramid has to stop, when I Save a Project. Whilst the Elektron can carry on playing whilst saving. :thinking:

For now on, and as a general rule for Hermod and Pyramid, every bug reports & suggestions must be sent here:

Thanks Peter!

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I heard back from Squarp that this feature is unlikely to be implemented. :no_mouth:

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