Recording manual knob twiddling and sequencing notes from different controllers

Hey folks! I’m hoping you can bear with a novice New Pyramid owner. As a guitarist I only got into synths about 3 years ago, and although I’ve learned lots I’m still shaky on this midi I/o recording. I’m also using a Fishman Connect pickup via Disaster Area USB(host) to midi converter. For keyboard controllers I have a Keystep 37 to use with synths and a regular Keystep 32 to use with my new Black Box sampler. I’m still in the diagramming stage and hoping someone can shed some light and infinite wisdom on my design plan🙃. My synths are mainly in rack form and I plan to send the Squarp midi output A into a 4-way thru box and then into my Keystep 37, and Keystep 32 controlling the Black Box. Next I plan to send the Keystep 37 output, the Black Box output, and the guitar pickup midi output into a 4-way merge unit, with the output into an 8-way midi thru to feeds each of my synths. All the synth midi outputs then go into an 8-way merge unit which feeds to Squarp Midi input. Question: with this scenario will the Squarp record midi note sequences(and control changes made manually in real-time), whether the sequences are triggered from the Keystep 37, the Black Box(via Keystep 32) or the guitar midi pickup controller? Thanks in advance for any input!

the pyramid will record any midi it recieves on its input.
bare in mind a track though is only ONE midi channel.

normally, this means you record one track at a time.
however, there is OMNI mode which allows you to record up to 16 (e.g Multitrack bank A)

your setup sounds pretty complex, i think the one thing you will have to be careful of is not having midi feedback issues.

so, Id highly recommended your draw this on a piece of paper, and write midi channels on it, and check that, you are able to set the channels on everything you need, and also that you dont get going around in circles :slight_smile:

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A million thanks for the input my friend! I see now how the channelling/track alignment can get me stuck in loops! I think another problem I have is having overlooked the merge of controllers going into the Squarp midi input along with the synth outputs for recording manual control changes. I might need a secondary(smaller) merge and or thru unit to clear up the routing. I’m definitely drawing things out on paper, but setting fixed channels to synths and tracks is something I’ll start looking at.:+1::+1:

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