Recording CV into pyramid

Hi. I’m using Pyramid mk1 and recording cv in pyramid just produces random values rather than the pitched information. I’ve tried a few different Eurorack sequencers and it’s always random. I’m using volt/octave setting. Anyone have a solution?

cv in mode = cv/gate

i guess is what you have already…

from here, I would check to see if its truly random or there is some kind of pattern
eg. bare in mind cv/gate would use a sample and hold principle to get the v/oct

have you looked at the voltages using info analog in?

are they fluctuating or staying steady.

bare in mind the cv in is a stereo in, so be careful if using trs cables.

so id start with checking the voltages on info display look reasonable, and gate is working.
if not, then you should contact squarp

Thanks I’ll check.

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