Recording CC dump into a single step?

Does anyone know whether it is possible to record in step mode without advancing the play head of the Pyramid? I.e. to record at the very beginning of a bar a bunch of data – dumped CC data in my case.

Another way to accomplish this would be to simply record it somewhere in the first bar and then to move all the CC information back to the first step, 0% offset. But can you even move CC data easily? :thinking:

Background: I have a synth – the lovely Waldorf Rocket – which doesn’t have patch storage. It does however support sending all parameter settings via midi as CC data in a single dump.

I guess I could set the BPM to the lowest setting to record as close as possible to the start of the bar… hmmm…

You can’t record in step-mode, that’s what live-mode is for. In step-mode yes you can enter multiple different CC’s on a single “step” as long as they differ by the CC number and not just value. However remember that MIDI is always serial, so if you put 100 CC’s on first step of the bar, they’ll still trickle down the line one by one and for a large number of events this would take noticeable time. You can edit CC data with all the usual means, but on the Pyramid CC’s don’t have an offset, they’re always on a “step” of their own.

Just record the Rocket dump in live mode and put it into a dummy “count-in” sequence at the start of the song?

Thank you so much for that clarification. Great to know about MIDI’s inherent serial nature. I’d forgotten about it.

Yes, that’ll be the way to go.

I guess I’d set the count-in track run mode to TRIG so it only plays once. And as long as I’m in “PERFORM” project mode I wouldn’t have to always play the count-in sequence while working on a song. I’d play the count-in once, then jump to whichever sequence I’d want to work on. That’ll work nicely.

Thanks again. :v: