Record to two tracks at once / forwarding midi to another track

I know that the answer to this is no, but thought I’d check in case I’m just being blind/stupid.

Is there a way to record midi data to two tracks (not midi channels, as I know I can do this with midi thru) or route the midi from one track to another (kind of like transpose, but also kind of not)

I basically am after using the same keyboard to send midi to two different synths at once, playing the bass on one hand and the melody on another (found a workaround to ‘filter’ out certain midi ranges with the eq effect)

Like I said, I am 99% certain that this cannot be done, but thought I’d check.

only way to record to multiple tracks is to use omni-mode=multitrack, and then send in midi on different channels.

so the way i would handle your use-case is to either:
a) enable split mode on my keyboard, so to send to 2 different midi channels
b) use my blokas midi-hub to do a split based based on note range to different midi channels.

but no there is not functionality in pyramid to split tracks by incoming note-range or to route midi automatically between multiple tracks
(you could do this with an external midi merger , so midi din B back into midi in)

you could send a request to squarp to see if they are interesting in implementing it:

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