Record CV as a modulation track

Can anyone please let me know step-by-step how to set up a routing so that I can record CV as a modulation track?

I was up until the sunrise last night (this morning) doing exactly this.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Play some notes/make a pattern

  2. Assign track 2
    a) In track mode, select track 2 and click the encoder
    b) Choose Layout/ 1 Voice / Modulation
    c) Connect the CV out from track 2 to your modulation destination

  3. Setup your input
    a) Track mode / Settings [Y] / scroll to CV In Settings / Assign the input you would like [A Modulation] will allow you to take the output of something you can control (like a joystick etc.) and just connect the out to input A and record the voltage.
    b) Step Mode - Record the voltages
    Notice that it loops, so you want to be ready and disarm record, or plan to make a longer pass than the loop you need and then shorten it.

You can also zoom in and make edits once this is done.
And… the best part… you can mute and un mute the track!

Hope that gets you started.

Thank you! That was quite easy, I performed all the steps myself except the last one - hit the REC :slight_smile:

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