Record Count In Not Working

This was working as expected initially, but I recently did a settings reset (by holding FX while powering up) and now I’m having problems. No matter what I do, when I arm REC in live mode and hit play it immediately starts recording. I have gone into settings and set the count in to 1 bar. I have also designated a midi channel and note to use for the metronome. There must be some other setting I’m missing, right?

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I’m having this problem now too.
(though I didn’t do an FX reset).

My count-in used to work fine.

I have it set to 1 bar. (Have tried others too.)
My metronome itself works fine.
But when I hit rec arm and then play, it starts the track immediately. There’s no count-in.

Figured it out. I had midi in set to receive clock and start/stop. Turning these off made the count in work again.

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